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Blackwood Brothers Original Radio Broadcasts Blackwood Brothers Original Radio Broadcasts  

Rare audio CD set of original radio broadcast by the Blackwood Brothers.

Digitally Remastering: Spring Creek Productions. ©2008 SCP Media, All Rights Reserved.


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(1950s) The Blackwood Brothers Quartet recorded a syndicated radio program in the early 1950s,
broadcast weekly on radio stations across the nation. Itis believed they recorded hundreds
of these shows, but only a few survived. Here are 20 of these wonderful old radio shows for
your listening enjoyment. Classic songs like: Looking For a City; Over the Moon; I Believe;
At the End of the Trail; Rolling, Riding, Rocking, and many more.

In the early 1950s the Blackwood Brothers did a daiily 15 minute radio broadcast that was syndicated on several hundred radio stations across the country. Transferred from the original recordings, these few shows may be the only shows that survived the trash can as most stations threw them away after they were played.


> Format: Compact Disc
> Genre: Gospel Singing
> Label: SCP Media
> Originally Released in: 1950s
> Audio :Dolby Digital

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