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Declaration of Faith Declaration of Faith - Centennial Edition  

Produced by the Faith Productions in the 1980s.

Digitally Remastering: Spring Creek Productions. ©2018 SCP Media, All Rights Reserved.

Guest Speaker: Various






(1980) This Declaration of Faith audio set was produced on cassette by Faith Production in the early 1980s. Various speakers were asked to speak on each point of the declaration. This is an MP3 CD set.

Disc 1
Declaration of Faith—Historical Perspective
Bennie Triplett
Article 1 - We Believe: In the Verbal iInspiration of the Bible
Donald Bowdle
Article 2 - We Believe : One God Eternally Existing, in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
F. J. May
Article 3 - We Believe: Virgin Birth, Crucified, Buried, Raised from the Dead, Ascended, Intercessor
Robert Graham
Article 4 - We Believe: All have sinned, Repentance Necessary for Forgivness
J. Frank Culpepper
Artivcle 5 - We Believe: That Justification, Regeneration, and the New Birth are Wrought by Faith in the Blood of Christ.
Robert Fisher
Article 6 - We Believe: In Sanctification, Subsequent to the New Birth
Floyd J. Timmerman
Article 7 - We Believe: Holiness to be God’s Standard of Living
Charles W. Conn
Article 8 - We Believe: In the Baptism with the Holy Ghost
R. B. Thomas
Disc 2
Article 9 - We Believe: In Speaking with Other Tongues as the Spirit Gives Uterance
T. L. Lowery
Article 10 - We Believe: In Water Baptism by Immersion
Edward L. Williams
Article 11 - We Believe: Divine Healing is Provided for all in the Atonement
Bennie Triplett
Article 12 - We Believe: In the Lord’s Supper and Washing of the Saint’s Feet
James A. Cross
Srticle 13 - We Believe: Premillennial Second Coming of Jesus
H.. D. Williams
Article 14 - We Believe: In the Bodily Resurrection; Eternal Life for the Righteous, Eternal Punishment for the Wicked
Paul F. Henson
Declaration of Faith—The Future
R. Lamar Vest


> Format: DVD
> Genre: Religion
> Label: SCP Media
> Originally Released in: 2008
> Video:COLOR
> Region: Region 0 encoding - playable worldwide
> NTSC-format.

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