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Lets Go To Camp Meeting - Ray H. Hughes Let's Go To Camp Meeting  

This collection is a 4 - CD set of Dr. Ray H. Hughes preaching at Camp Meetings.

Digitally Remastering: Spring Creek Productions. ©2008 SCP Media, All Rights Reserved.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ray H. Hughes

Compact Disc





(1980s) Camp Meetings have been an integral part of mos Bible-based churches; however, in most places they are almost extinct or have been changed to conferences, conventions or mini-campmeetings, so-called. In this productiion we have endeavored to recapture the spirit of camp meeting. So LET'S GO TO CAMP MEETING.


An Unchanging Christ
The Power of His Name
What Shall Happejn When Jesus Returns?
Good New For Bad Times


> Genre: Religion
> Label: SCP Media
> Originally Released in: 2008

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