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Songs of Forward in Faith - Vol. 1 Best of Camp Meeting - Songs of Forward in Faith  

This 2 Audio CD set includes 32 wonderful camp meeting songs.

Digitally Remastering: Spring Creek Productions. ©2008 SCP Media, All Rights Reserved.


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(Date Unknown) Best of Camp Meeting - Songs of Forward in Faith is a 2 Audio CD set that includes 32 of your all-time favorites camp meeting songs as featured on Forward in Faith.

Disc 1
When He Calls Me- Choir 1:59
Heavenly Sunlight- Choir 1:52
What a Day That Will Be - Mens Qt 2:46
Just a Closer Walk With Thee- GW Lane 2:32
I Was There When Spirit Came -SC Youth Choir 2:30
I Just Steal Away- Bennett Trio 2:19
It's a Grand and Glorious Feeling- Choir 2:24
Living By Faith-Choir 2:05
Getting Ready to Leave This World-Choir 1:34
Lovest Thou Me-Trio 1:58
It Pays to Pray-Choir 2:00
Savior Lead Me - The Singers Three 2:30
I Found the Answer-Choir 2:01
Uncloudy Day-Choir-Miller 3:31
Have You Any Room?-Ladies Trio 2:09
Some Glad Morning-Choir 1:37

Disc 2
Let Go-Choir 2:25
When He Reached Down His Hand-GW Lane 3:51
Lift Me Up-Choir 1:36
I'm The Least in the Kingdom-Trio 2:15
I Shall Not Be Moved-SC Youth Choir 2:43
Love is Why-Choir 3:14
He Lifted Me Out-Choir 2:45
Higher Ground-Delilah Phillips 1:58
Jesus Will Hear Me-SC Youth Choir 2:10
My God Can Do Anything-Vep Ellis 1:59
My Lord Walks Beside Me-Trio 2:07
Glory to His Name-Choir 2:00
Honey in That Rock-SC Youth Choir 2:06
What a Change in My Life-Choir 2:06
Consume Me-The Ministers 2:35
Amazing Grace- Choir 1:16


> Format: Compact Disc
> Genre: Gospel Singing
> Label: SCP Media
> Originally Released in: 1980s
> Audio :Dolby Digital

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